• ALOE PURE CLEANSER – Deep Cleansing Face Cleanser for All Skin Type

      AED 149

      A Cleanser which keeps your skin moisturized!

      A hydrating cleanser containing Aloe Vera leaf water extract and Aloe Vera leaf juice for calming and moisturizing the skin. Hypoallergenic cleanser which protects and calms the skin, provides nourishment and hydration.

      Use with Bubble Pop Cleanser for deep cleansing and easy make up removal.

      Buy One Get One Free

    • Bubble Pop Cleanser Holder

      AED 49

      Keep your Bubble Pop Cleanser Comfortably and Safely Aside.

      The Bubble Pop Cleanser Holder helps to hold your device in proper place.

      It prevents any mess and clumsiness while keeping aside your device.


      The holder keeps the device steady and dries the products faster and easier.

    • Bubble Pop Cleanser Refill Brush

      AED 49

      Deep Cleansing with Dual Brush System

      The brush head includes a Spin Brush as well as a Core Brush, that creates rich and dense foam.

      It has 44,000 fine bristles which cleanses the skin gently and ensures no dirt is left behind.

      The working mechanism of these dual brushes will enable deep and thorough cleansing for your cheeks, jawline, face and even neck.

    • DEEP CLEANSING TONER – Best skin Toner for Face | Deep Clean Toner

      AED 149

      Remove the dirt left behind in your pores

      The Vanav Deep Cleansing Toner containing nature derived ingredients, gets rid of dead skin cells, dirt, grime, makeup and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and clean.
      Use it with the UP6 cleaning mode and a cotton puff for best results.

      Buy One Get One Free

    • GOLDEN TIME SCALP AMPOULE – Scalp Care For Hair growth and Hair Fall Treatment

      AED 199

      The Scalp Ampoule containing Jeju black soybean extract to calm the scalp and help the hair!

      High Quality Scalp Ampoule which helps relieve flaky scalp, dandruff, soothes the scalp and helps in hair nourishment by hydrating the scalp!

      Buy One Get One Free

    • Rolling Up

      AED 1,149

      Just 10 Mins. A Day for the knotted facial muscles – ROLLING UP!

      Vanav Rolling Up restores radiance and provides a deeply relaxing moment at home. The roller massage, promotes lymphatic drainage and de-puffs facial features, while providing a pure moment of relaxation. The blunt end of the device provide precise acupressure point that reduces stress and anxiety.


      Special Offer!

      Get Vitamin C Night Cream (24 Pieces) Worth AED 349 for FREE

    • ULTIMATE LIFTING CREAM – Face Lifting Cream | Best Lifting and Firming Face Cream

      AED 239

      Idebenone the next generation of antioxidants, brings your skin the ultimate anti-aging solution

      The Ultimate Lifting cream with Idebenone provides deep, rich nutrition and elastic energy which wraps around your skin. The Highly concentrated hypoallergenic formula is safe for sensitive skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps retail the Moisture along with Idebenone which helps in collagen production. Use the Ultimate Lifting Cream with Galvanic Ion devices like the UP6, Hot and Cool Skin Fit or the Time Machine for a Lifted, Smooth, Firm and Radiant skin without any stickiness!

      Buy One Get One Free

    • UP6 – 6 Modes in One Skincare Device for Anti-aging and Face Lifting

      AED 1,299

      Aesthetic Care Solution for Professional Skin Therapy at home

      With 6 modes of Galvanic Ion and 3d vibration, Get complete facial therapy at home similar to a spa treatment.

      Add this Korean beauty device to complete your daily skincare routine. Device which helps in penetrating the cosmetics right into your skin! UP6 makes your skincare routine easier and effective. No More expensive spa treatments needed! Take skincare to the next level with your own hands.


      Special Offer!

      Get Vitamin C Night Cream (24 Pieces) Worth AED 349 for FREE


      AED 2,599

      Advanced Skincare Solution according to your skincare routine.

      UP7 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber & Enhancing Tool is a unique 3-in-1 beauty tool that helps to cleanse, unclog pores, and enhance your favourite skin care products by gently exfoliating the skin.


      Special Offer!

      Get Hot & Cool Skin Fit Worth AED 679 & Vitamin C Night Cream (24 Pieces) Worth AED 349 for FREE

    • VITA B BLOOMING MASK – Facial Mask for Professional and Effective Skincare

      AED 159

      Vita B Blooming Mask to make your skin clear and bright!

      Damask Rose flower extract, Triple Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B complex, Lemon, Borage and Jasmine extract used in this Bamboo Cellulose Mask sheet helps to soothe and calm your skin by giving it Vitality, Moisture, Wrinkle reduction, Whitening and Tightening.
      Hypoallergenic Formulae with naturally derived ingredients is Eco friendly as well as skin friendly.
      Use the mask with Micro current devices for best results.

      Buy One Get One Free

    • VITAMIN C NIGHT CREAM – Whitening Cream for Face | Brightening Cream

      AED 69AED 349

      Get the real benefits of Vitamin C for skin while you sleep, with the Best Vitamin C Night Cream.

      The whitening cream has real Ascorbic acid Vitamin c extracts in the form of tiny beads which melt away and absorb into your skin helps in brightening the skin.

      Best vitamin C benefits for skin are visible if it is used with the UP6 or Time Machine. This whitening face cream is formulated to brighten skin texture and make your skin smoother and more elastic!

      Buy One Get One Free

    • TIME MACHINE – Galvanic Tool with Face Lifting Machine for Anti aging

      AED 369

      For Beautiful face and décolleté line

      Skin therapists call this procedure a ‘non-surgical facelift’ that gives you youthful skin without having to undergo any surgical procedure or poke needles into it.

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