COVER FIT – Professional Quality Makeup tool with Makeup Brush and Puff

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Special Make up solution

Customized brush and puff for optimal make up. Professional artist quality makeup at home!


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Cover Fit

Makeup easily as a professional makeup artist does with glossy makeup with worlds first makeup
auto applicator known as Vanav cover fit a Korean Skincare product used as a makeup applicator or blender.

VANAV Cover Fit
Make up brush
Filled with up to 30,000 bristles applies foundation evenly to make skin look smoother
VANAV Cover Fit
Ruby Cell Air puff
Ruby Cell material air puff eliminates the moisture holding capacity to minimize wastage and improve exposure.
VANAV Cover Fit
Long-lasting coverage
Delicate application with makeup brush completes flawless makeup quick and easy by making foundation stay longer and skin look natural.
VANAV Cover Fit
Glossy Puff
Glossy long-lasting makeup with Rubycell Air Puff. Pat down T-zone and highlighter zone with the puff to finish dewy and dimensional makeup.

Complete long lasting coverage with 3D vibration

Patented vertical vibrations up to 7000 times per minute applies foundation evenly
VANAV Cover Fit
VANAV Cover Fit
VANAV Cover Fit
Model CNC-1000
Color White / Baby Pink
Composition Main Body, Manual, Alkaline battery AAA 3ea, Make-up Brush 1ea, Rubycell Air Puff 2ea.
Battery DC4.5V (1.5V Alkaline AAA x 3e)
Size 48(W) x 133(H)mm
Weight About 158g
Step 01
VANAV Cover Fit
After opening the cap, fit the rubycell air puff in the groove at the top of the main body and turn it clockwise to attach.
Step 02
VANAV Cover Fit
Put an appropriate amount of base make-up prodcut on the puff
Step 03
VANAV Cover Fit
Long press the button to operate. Press the button to select the vibration mode.
Step 04
VANAV Cover Fit
Apply it gently by moving it from the middle to the outside of your face. We recommend using this product lightly, without applying pressure to the skin.
Tip: Enable to use with not only foundation, but also cushion foundation, makeup base, sunscreen or blusher, etc.

5 reviews for COVER FIT – Professional Quality Makeup tool with Makeup Brush and Puff

  1. BeautyGablogger (Arooj)

    If you didn’t try this tool, you’re missing out a big thing! This is a game changer tool and especially all those ladies who says we need our foundation finish like a makeup artist! This is going to be a life saver for you! Buy and enjoy beautiful and flawless foundation look.

  2. Elvina

    This device is one my best discoveries in 2020. As a beauty blogger I always play around with makeup and attend events so applying a flawless base is almost like a necessity. I’m truly amazed how easily this device helps to blend the makeup without crease/lines etc The vibrating movement helps the product to blend evenly without wastage. Highly recommend it !!

  3. Hena

    I absolutely love the product. I think it’s amazing. My skin feels fresh and cleaner and I think it’s a must have for everyone.

  4. Sumaya Imran

    I Love how it blends my foundation. The brush is so soft and massages while applying makeup. This applicator makes my skin look flawless!! It now takes me less time to put on foundation with the cover fit than using a regular brush! No more sponges or brushes for me. Highly recommend it!

  5. Young

    Love love loves it!! ♥️ So happy with my new beauty device.
    It’s super easy. and I feel like I’m a makeup artist.

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