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    • Rolling Up

      AED 1,159

      Just 10 Mins. A Day for the knotted facial muscles – ROLLING UP!

      Face muscles you use every day, don’t cramp them up anymore. Massage them for just 10 minutes a day and improve your skin elasticity, too! The knotted face muscle, if you don’t relax them enough, it can cause loss of skin elasticity by muscle adhesion and gravity.
      For your stiff jaw muscles, for your sagging cheeks, for your tense Trapezius muscle, for all the areas with problem- Rolling UP!


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      GET FREE Ultimate Lifting cream Worth AED 239

    • UP6 – 6 Modes in One Skincare Device for Anti-aging and Face Lifting

      AED 1,299

      Aesthetic Care Solution for Professional Skin Therapy at home

      With 6 modes of Galvanic Ion and 3d vibration, Get complete facial therapy at home similar to a spa treatment.

      Add this Korean beauty device to complete your daily skincare routine. Device which helps in penetrating the cosmetics right into your skin! UP6 makes your skincare routine easier and effective. No More expensive spa treatments needed! Take skincare to the next level with your own hands.


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      Get Cover Fit Worth AED 429 & Vita B Blooming Mask Worth AED 159 for FREE

    • TIME MACHINE – Galvanic Tool with Face Lifting Machine for Anti aging

      AED 369

      For Beautiful face and décolleté line

      Skin therapists call this procedure a ‘non-surgical facelift’ that gives you youthful skin without having to undergo any surgical procedure or poke needles into it.


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      Get Vita B Blooming Mask Worth AED 159 for FREE

    • Skin Beam

      AED 689

      Make Your Skin Looks Brighter

      Galvanic ions meets LED lights to make your skin radiant.

      VANAV Skin Beam uses galvanic ions and micro-vibration to help maximize the absorption of cosmetics. It makes the skin texture smooth and rejuvenates your skin for a radiant face with heating function and LED.


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      Get Ultimate Lifting Cream Worth AED 239 & Vita B Blooming Mask Worth AED 159 for FREE

    • BUBBLE POP CLEANSER – Deep Facial Cleansing Brush | Best Face Scrubber

      AED 549

      Cleanse your face without using your hands with the Bubble Pop cleanser.

      • Complete your daily cleansing quick and smart with the World’s First Auto Bubble Cleanser.
      • Abundant micro foam made by Core brush and Spin brush, helps cleanse perfectly without irritation for any skin type.
      • Easily remove Make up, Dirt, Oil, Clean enlarged pores with any cleanser available.
      • Soft and rich bubbles! Don’t touch or rub with your hands. Just use this cleanser and feel rejuvenated.
      • Best facial tool for easy cleansing.
      • Use twice a day for best results.


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      Get Aloe Pure Cleanser Worth AED 149 & Vita B Blooming Mask Worth AED 159 & Bubble Pop Cleanser Holder Worth AED 49 for FREE

    • TIME MACHINE GOLDEN BRUSH – Scalpcare device for hair growth and hair fall treatment

      AED 459

      Revolutionary new method for scalp care

      Scalp care device with triple care Galvanic ion massage, Titanium brush head & Micro vibrations, Massages your scalp and hair for the healthy and clean scalp.


      Special Offer!

      Get Golden Time Scalp Ampoule Worth AED 199 & Vita B Blooming Mask Worth AED 159 for FREE

    • HOT & COOL SKIN FIT- 4 level Temperature Facial Treatment Tool for Skincare

      AED 679

      Regulate your skin temperature in extreme environments

      Must have device for healthy and elastic skin.
      4 level heating and cooling massager to keep the temperature of your skin regulated, smoother and increase elasticity.


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      Get Ray Worth AED 299 & Vita B Blooming Mask Worth AED 159 for FREE

    • RAY – Mini Face Massager Machine | Pocket size Electric Face Massager

      AED 299

      Mini pocket size skincare device

      VANAV Ray Galvanic Facial Massager is the smallest massager in the world with galvanic therapy and vibration function. Convenient to take with you on a trip or long trip to maintain healthy skin. Simple and easy to use. Conveniently shaped titanium head for massage with forehead, nose, cheeks and eye area.

    • COVER FIT – Professional Quality Makeup tool with Makeup Brush and Puff

      AED 429

      Special Make up solution

      Customized brush and puff for optimal make up. Professional artist quality makeup at home!


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      Get Deep Cleansing Toner Worth AED 149 for FREE

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