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Innovation for Life and Beauty!

Home aesthetic care solution that provides professional skincare for perfect balance and beautiful skin.

  • 2016.01 – Brand launched
  • 2016.02 – Store opening in Galeria Duty Free
  • 2017.01 – First Vanav model hired. Korean actress Ji Hye Seo
  • 2017.02 – Store opening at Shinsegae department store and Hanam Starfield
  • 2017.12 – Store opening at Chicor in Kangnam
  • 2018.03 – Achieved prestigious award (Trust Brand Awards) for 4 consecutive years by Korea Media Marketing Development
  • 2018.04 – Launch of first TV commercial aired on multiple Korean TV channels
  • 2020.12 – Received ESMA Certification for the entire line-up
  • 2021.01 – Officially Launched in UAE
  • 2021.07 – VANAV Kiosk opened in the Dubai Marina Mall and The Springs Souk Mall in Dubai.
  • 2021.10 – Vanav attended Beauty World Middle East 2021.
  • 2022.02 – Vanav attended Dubai Derma 2022.
  • 2022.09 – Store opening in Layal Beauty at Dubai Hills Mall – Dubai.
  • 2022.09 – Store opening in Samsung store at The Galleria Mall – Abu Dhabi.
  • 2022.10 – Vanav attended Beauty World Middle East 2022.
  • 2023.02 – Vanav attended Dubai Derma 2023.
  • 2023.11 – Vanav attended Beauty World Middle East 2023.

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VANAV About Us
VANAV About Us
VANAV About Us
VANAV About Us


VANAV About us


“VANAV, Ultimate At-home Skincare Solution”

Under the slogan “Adding Care to Care for your daily skincare,” VANAV aims to create a synergy effect and customer satisfaction by adding VANAV beauty devices to skincare products that customers use every day.

VANAV is the top 3 beauty device brand in Korea and it will secure more consumers by launching new devices and skincare products continuously this year.

We will become positioned as the beauty device brand No. 1 through continuous and aggressive marketing.

In addition, we are conducting annual consumer research to provide devices that customers could satisfy and also developing new products in response to constantly changing consumers’ needs.



"VANAV realizes beauty devices that you've only imagined."

VANAV is doing its best to develop and provide beauty devices that meet the customer’s wants and imaginations.

Beyond the beauty device category, we keep trying to diversify the functions of electronic devices in other categories as well to come up with greater ideas and realize the ideal beauty devices.

The whole process for VANAV (development – design – production – quality control) is conducted by headquarters in Korea. And, we are doing hundreds of safety and functional tests before launching the product.

Our vision is “Providing the best quality beauty device to the customer and Keeping VANAV beauty devices stay safely with customer for a long time”.



"Device development with the owned patent".

We graft our owned patent onto functions for VANAV beauty devices.

It is not a typical simple function, but a patented function developed by research over the years that helps maximize the effectiveness of beauty devices.

VANAV continuously moves forward to win brand fame through function and design patent registration.

Beauty Technology

VANAV Technology
3D Vibration
Patented 3D sound wave vibration massager
VANAV Technology
Galvanic Ion

Increase absorption of cosmetic ingredients into your skin through
iontophoresis mechanism

VANAV Technology
30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibration
VANAV Technology
Micro Vibration
10,000 vibration per min.
VANAV Technology
Music Therapy
Converting music sound wave into vibration
VANAV Technology
Color Therapy
Light wave skincare
VANAV Technology
Hot & Cool Therapy
H&C temperature adjustable massaging device
VANAV Technology
Titanium Head
Skin-friendly titanium materials

Patent and certification

6 patents, 4 design patents, 8 registered trade mark obtained. / 4 registered service trademarks. / Owned over 20 Intellectual property rights

VANAV Patent and certification
3D Oscillator Patent
VANAV Patent and certification
Korea Patent
VANAV Patent and certification
US Patent
VANAV Patent and certification
Japan Patent
VANAV Patent and certification
GMP Certificate
VANAV Patent and certification
CE Certificate
VANAV Patent and certification
RoHS Certificate
VANAV Patent and certification
KC Certificate

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